Is the new iPhone worth it?

Is the new iPhone worth it?

If you are not planning on taking advantage of this season's AT&T Uverse coupons, then maybe you want to buy yourself one of their smartphones: something cool and powerful like the iPhone 5.

Just 24 hours after launching the iPhone, people at Apple were "bombarded" with preorders, demand reaching over 2 million units, twice more than in the previous record set by the iPhone 4S. Despite record sales, the iPhone 5 is not a perfect phone.

 4G connectivity is good, right? Indeed, it is allowing operation at higher speed internet. The only problem is that the iPhone 5 will not work on most of high-speed networks in Europe. The problem is the frequency used in Europe. iPhone 5 is not compatible with 4G services on 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz frequencies developed in most regions of Western Europe, including Spain, Italy and France. On the other hand, the smartphone is compatible with the frequency of 1.8 GHz, which is still used for voice services by most mobile operators in Europe, according to Reuters. That means, by default, the iPhone 5 will be "twice faster than iPhone 4s" in terms of browsing.

After a long conflict with the giant Google, the people at Apple have dropped GPS Google Maps. This is how Apple Maps was born. The application comes bundled with the operating system iOS6. It was not long before  the problems began to appear. In just a few hours after launch the upgrade to iOS6, the Internet was full of screenshots of bugs of this Maps app: Cities missing, wrong information, routes that bypass the destination, satellite imagery out of order. Apple fans were outraged and forums are full of Internet users who said they refuse to be "beta testers for Apple". Until Apple's team will be able to resolve bugs, iPhone 5 owners and users who already upgraded to iOS 6 can use Google Maps via Safari.

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