The Google Nexus tablet

Google Nexus tablet

If you want to buy an AT&T tablet, the AT&T Uverse coupons will not serve you as they only provide discounts for services for your home, you can still get good deals on some of the best models on the market, like the Google Nexus 7: the tablet that anyone can afford.
Firstly it must be said that Nexus 7 is a very well built tablet. Nice design, good quality materials and unique craftsmanship. The small format of the tablet, the low weight and textured material give the impression that the back is covered in leather as it offers a very good grip even with one hand. Although it is not the lightest or thinnest tablet, it is certainly one of the most beautifully constructed ones. It's one of those items that once you have the opportunity to study a few minutes, you want to buy it desperately.
On the right side, we have only two physical buttons - one for power and volume control, placed pretty close together; it could happen that you may want to change the volume and press the wrong button that locks the screen. At the bottom, you can discover a miniUSB connector and audio jack on the left and four points of contact for the dock. In the back, at bottom, you will find the audio speaker. Under the glass covering the screen, at the top, we have one camera of the tablet, which will be useful for video calls, Skype or Google Hangout.
The screen has a resolution of 1208 x 800 and a pixel density/inch of 216, which is pretty much. Smooth contours, text and images are clear and the brightness is satisfactory. Images appear a little washed out compared to other screens, like the one found on the iPad 3 and there is some trouble playing smoother gradients.

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