The iPhone 5 sensitivity

iPhone 5
With the great offers available, anyone can get a discount on neat services like high speed home internet, cable TV with some of the best channels out there and even home phone with tons of cool features. If you are not interested in any of these services however, another good gift consists of tablets, smartphones and laptops. You can get good deal on the latest iPhone model if you are interested in having the latest technology in your pocket. It is no secret that smartphone lovers all over the world are passionate about Apple's iPhone. With the 6th generation already selling in thousands of copies, Apple has created more than just a phone: it has revolutionized the portable device market with a tool that makes it easy to stay connected to the online environment and an entertainment gadget with millions of games, songs and movies available on iTunes. While the iPhone is the best sold mobile device in the world, the material used in its fabrication make it prone to scratches and cracks in the case. For instance, the iPhone 3GS is well known for the sensitive area near the charging port. In that specific area, most models have cracked cases and require the use of a skin to keep them protected. In the manufacturing process of the iPhone, there is a specific set of materials used, some of them which are common to the mobile production industry and some which are a bit out of the ordinary. For example, the iPhone 5's lens cover is made of sapphire, because of its properties which make it more durable and thinner compared to the cover glass used in the manufacturing of the iPhone 4. In fact, diamonds are the only crystals with a higher level of durability than sapphires. This means that the lens cover of the iPhone 5 is more difficult to scratch. Difficult, but not impossible.

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