What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

AT&T services such as their interesting cable packages, their high speed internet or their multitasking home phone services can now be found at incredible promotions if you get your hands on the AT&T Uverse coupons. For all other AT&T customers, there is always the products section, with amazing offers on laptops and phones. A new and wonderful smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S3.

When you read so much about the Galaxy S3, it's impossible not to have expectations. With its 4.8 inch display and the 1.4 quad core Cortex A9 processor, this smartphone kills its competition. The 8 MP camera can film full HD video and render them at 1080p. In the end, you will see this phone cannot fail you. There are a lot of standard options that helped Samsung satisfy its most pretentious customers. We have noticed that most smartphone models don't have powerful vibrations so you can't actually feel the phone ring when you are walking down the street. However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to personalize this is and determine the intensity of these vibrations to better suit your environment.

Photos and videos are awesome. The phone's mic is impeccable. You can record all the birds singing and dogs barking even if they are hundreds of meters away. Menu navigation is as smooth as can be. If you have ever seen videos of how fast the iPhone 4S can connect to the internet, imagine that the S3 has an ever greater speed. It has such a powerful integrated wireless card that it can capture wireless signals at considerable distances from the router. You can play all the games you like. Anything from FIFA to Hot Pursuit, you name it and the phone can play it.  Being compact, elegant and really slim, the Galaxy S3 is a pleasure and a pride to have in your hands.

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