Some Factors to Consider when choosing a Printer

tips on choosing a printer
Printing technology has advanced greatly nowadays. There are many innovative and progressive features available in modern printer machines. Whether you want to replace an old one with a brand new one or want to purchase your first printer, here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Requirement 
There are many different types of printers to match different uses and needs. Write down your requirements to choose which one will suit best for you. The printer you buy will be based on your requirement and the place of use. Home users usually do not print that often. They mainly print school assignment or photographs for any art project. They don't require a printer with too many features or the one that costs too much. Office user, on the other hand, there will be a lot of documents to print frequently and office users usually search for a professional quality outcome. Professional photographers will want a dedicated picture printer with advanced features that serves them the convenience to print images professionally.
  • Type 
People usually buy the laser one or the inkjet computer printer. Laser printers print faster and cost lower per page to print. The print out quality is great but the image quality is poor when compared with an inkjet computer printer. When you have many internet pages to print out every day, consider buying a laser printer.
  • Space 
Laser printers are large and take up more space. If you have limited space at home or office, buy an inkjet one.
  • Features 
Modern printers feature recently are varies, Wi-Fi, mobile printing, newspaper handling, touch screen display, duplexing, USB jacks and built-in memory card reader are some of them. You can purchase a standard printer if you don't need too many advanced features.
  • Toner and ink 
If you only need to print documents with words only, get a black and white printing machine. If you print documents with a colorful picture more often, buy a color printer. A laser printer use toner cartridges and an inkjet one use ink. Dont forget to consider the cost of both ink and toner cartridges.
Always buy a printing device from a certified seller. If you're buying online, ensure that you get driver updates. Read online about different types of printers available and their features to make the best decision.

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