How to Use the Mac Disk Repair Utility

How to Use the Mac Disk Repair Utility
If you are having start up problems and the reason is the file errors in your system then you can use Mac disk repair utility. You will need the Mac installation disc for this.
This is how it works. First you have to start up the computer, after that insert the Mac installation disc.  Then hold the C key or button until the gray Apple icon pops up again. The installer screen will pop up and the click the Disk Utility tab.
Remember not to click the continue button or else the computer will start up again and you'll have to repeat the whole process from the top. Next, click the First Aid tab.
Another screen will pop up showing your computer files; click the Mac OS X volume file. Then click the repair button and the computer checks for errors and repairs the disk. Try it its easy as cake!

More Mac Disk Repair Tips :

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