Top camera phones on the market

Top camera phones on the market
AT&T Uverse coupons can easily be obtained by those interested in some awesome AT&T home services, like a good deal on a cable TV package or home phone offers and subscriptions. If you are more interested in buying a smartphone, AT&T can aid you in that matter as well. For those of you not sure which model to choose, you should first figure out what are the top 3 things that interest you in terms of mobile devices. If you would like to have a phone than can replace a digital camera, we have gathered the top phones that do just that.

The Nokia 808 PureView has the most advanced camera phone currently available on the international market: it comes equipped with a camera with a 41 MP sensor. The downside of this phone is the Symbian operating system which allows installation of a small number of mobile applications. Compared to Android or iOS based phones, this device has really nothing to offer in terms of extreme mobile productivity that you would expect to get from one of Nokia's newest devices. This is why specialists believe this phone is to be used mainly for its camera feature.

The top models of this category are the Motorola RAZR and Sony Xperia S, both available with cameras with 12 MP sensors, while Android phones allow the installation and use of specific applications. The Samsung Galaxy SIII models, iPhone 5 and HTC One X, which are very popular in this period were quite advanced with their cameras with 8-megapixel sensors, users can take pictures with success in any condition. In addition, the first two models are working on a series of photo accessories such as detachable lenses or flashes. Whatever the case, smartphone cameras are slowly but surely taking over the small digital camera market, being able to replace almost any camera with a sensor with less than 10 MP.

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