3 Best Action Cameras for Travelers

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As an adventurer or traveler, you can’t leave an action camera in your pocket or bag. It seems that you have your own type of best action camera. This is also due to the various types of action camera available in the market. If you want to buy an action camera this year, just consider one of the best action camera here. The list below is considered as the best action camera 2016 – 2017.

EE 4GEE Action Camera
For those who love a simple design action camera, you can take EE 4GEE. What you will bring is a small box with a lens. This small box is covered by plastic. Yes, EE 4GEE action camera is as simple as that. But, don’t underestimate the simple design. The plastic is strong enough to protect the system of the camera from shock and weather. The most important thing is that the performance is not as simple as the design. This action camera is able to create image up to 1080p High Definition. You can safe your best journey in this camera because this action camera is supported by 2.5GB internal memory. You can improve the memory up to 64GB. The most interesting is that you can also use this camera for live streaming! Now, with this small action camera you can pair your video to your phone, friends, family, and many more. It can be done fast with the help of 3G or 4G network. Along with lithium ion battery, EE 4GEE action camera can be used up to 3 hours. Now, you know why it becomes one of the best action cameras, isn’t it?

Drift Ghost S Action Camera
For you who love to do some extreme sports and need to show it, you should put Drift Ghost S. Extreme sport doers tend to use this action camera because it is considered as a powerful camera. It is not only powerful but you will be satisfied with the result. The HD quality video will make you like an expert in that video. Drift Ghost S action camera is a perfect friend for diving and you can use to record the best underwater scenery up to 3 meter depth. The technology installed in this action camera helps you to record like an expert. It uses Sony CMOS sensor and 7-element aspherical lens technology. It is the same result if you just want to take a picture. To make it more interesting, just try to explore the features such as built-in Wi-Fi, shoot modes, and many more. Don’t worry because Drift Ghost S action camera is protected by Gorilla Glass LCD screen to prevent scratches, dust, and dirt.

Go Pro Hero 4 Black Action Camera
The best part of Go Pro Hero 4 is the features and the high tech system. This small action camera can create high resolution video or photos, slow motion, and manual setting. Go Pro Hero 4 is also perfect for professional because you can manually set the element of the videos or photos. Those are including setting the color, ISO limit, exposure, and many more so only the best photos and videos which will be published. Don’t worry non professional users are also comfortable with this action camera because there is also automatic setting to use.
So, which one of the three action cameras above you want to use? Each of the cameras has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just analyze first about your need so you can decide the best action camera. But, the camera above looks fascinating and interesting to use, right? So, just make sure that you get the best action camera next year and share your best exploration to the world!  

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