3 Best Screen Recorders for Mac You Can Use for Free

Do you want to make tutorial video about how to use Mac? That would be difficult, if you don’t know right tool to record the screen. So, here are some of Best free screen recorder for mac that you can use. Maybe, you already have some of them, but you never knew that the software has ability to record the screen.

1. Quick Time Player
If you are Mac user, you must know that this app is the default video player for Mac. And, guess what, this is also one of tool you can use for screen recording. And, it’s pretty simple to use it to record screen video. What you need to do is go to File menu and choose New Screen Recording option. The great thing about Quick Time Player is you can choose which area you want to record. You can easily choose the whole screen or selected area. You just need to use your mouse to select specific area, if you want to use the selected area recording. But, the best of all, there is no limit on how long the video you can record using Quick Time Player. As long as you have space in your hard drive, you can record as long as you want.
2. Monosnap
This is one of the best screen recorders you can find for Mac. It is totally free. It has lot of feature, like what you can find on paid apps, Droplr. You can edit your image by using the image editing feature in it. And, you also can connect to Monosnap server with your account to directly share your video.
3. Apowersoft Screen Recorder
We can say that this app is the most complete screen recorder you can use. It can record the sound from your microphone as well as your system sound. You also can easily choose the size of your screen recording, from full screen, selected area to record it using your web camera. You also can convert it to many different video formats. There is also the schedule feature where you can create scheduling task to automatically record the screen. However, there is limit on this app. you can only record video with 3 minutes length. Plus, there is watermark on your video.

Basically, 3 screen recorders for Mac that mentioned above are great tool. You can choose any of them. And, for the quality of the video, it depends on how you use Best free screen recorder for mac and your creativity.

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