5 Best Camera Phones 2016 - 2017

When you have a plan to buy a phone with good camera, you are better to know about best camera phones 2016 - early 2107. As we know that there are so many camera phones, but not every camera phone can produce good image and video recorder. Read the information below to know more about best camera phones 2016 - early 2107.

How to Choose Camera Phone
Choosing iPhone with good camera may be difficult moment. Not every camera with high resolution can produce good image or video. We can consider some things before choosing camera phone. For example, we can consider about camera features. When we want to have good camera phone, we are better to choose a camera phone which is completed with various features, such as flash, autofocus, double exposure, filter, and many more. When you have camera phone with various features, you can use every feature maximally to get high quality image and video.

What are Best Camera Phones 2016 - early 2017?
In 2016 - early 2017, there are so many good phones have been released. So, there are so many people who want to choose good camera phone but don’t know the best camera phone to choose. For you who are confused because of it, you can use recommended best camera phone 2016 - 2017 below to make a decision:
1. Google Pixel
Google Pixel is phone with best camera today. Although the camera resolution is just 12.3 MP, but it is not the main reason of this phone quality. Google Pixel called as best camera phone because it has ability to capture good image in the night. So, no matter the room where you capture image is so dark, Google Pixel can still capture high quality image. This phone is also completed with EIS feature, allows you to record high quality video which has smooth appearance.
2. iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 plus comes with 2 cameras. The resolutions are 12 MP, and it makes this phone can capture high quality image, even when it is on zoom mode. The camera is also completed with various features, such as high speed sensor and image signal processor to capture an image in 0,25 second. Not only good for capturing high quality image, iPhone 7 plus can also record high quality video because completed with OIS feature.
3. Huawei P9
One thing that may make you attract to buy this phone is because the cameras are Leica camera. Dual Leica camera with high resolution (12 MP) make this phone looks so special. Leica camera is so well known in photography, so no wonder if this phone looks so special because completed with special camera too. There are also 2 sensors on the camera, which are RGB and monochrome sensor.
4. Samsung Galaxy S7
Same with other phone mentioned before, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with 12 MP cameras. Although has lower feature than current type, but it has good quality. This phone can capture high quality image although you use it for capturing object in dark place.  Aperture f/1.7 will also help you get good quality image without editing application. OIS feature will also make you able to record high quality video.
5. LG V20
LG V20 comes with 16 MP camera and completed with various features such as Focus Peaking, Tracking Focus, and Zoom Slider. This phone can capture clear and good image. Wide angle and fisg-eye will make you able to get high quality wide image. IOS feature will also allow you to record high quality video.

Well, those are some information for you about best camera phone 2016 - 2017. You can use the information above to find best camera phone that fulfills your expectation. Finally, hopefully the information about 5 best camera phones 2016 - early 2017 above will be useful for you.

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