Easy and Affordable Ways to Protect Nightstand from Scratches

The problem of having nightstand furniture is scratches. It is like a disaster knowing your beloved furniture has scratches. The scratch can be caused by your pets and many more. So, what do you have to do to keep the nightstand away from scratch? The best way to do is protecting your nightstand from scratches. Here are the possible ways to protect your beloved nightstand furniture from scratch.

Protect the Nightstand with Oil
Yes, it is true and the best part is that the oil is easily found in your kitchen. For example, you can prepare vinegar and olive oil. Now, take ½ cup of vinegar and olive oil and then mix them. When it is ready, you just need to apply this mixture gently and smoothly to the nightstand furniture. Just directly apply the mixture exactly on the scratches. Make sure that you don’t see the scratches anymore and wait until it dries. Then, you can use dry towel to clean the oil and you will be surprise with the result. It is not only removing the scratches but your nightstand furniture looks like a new one. This is also considered as the cheap way to protect your nightstand.  How if you don’t have olive oil? It is not a big problem. You can use different type of oil such as canola oil. Just mix ¾ cup of canola oil and ¼ cup of white vinegar. Then, you can do the same thing. Just apply this mixture with towel smoothly and gently until you don’t see the scratches anymore. Just imagine that you can remove and protect the nightstand with not more than $2. Even, you don’t need to spend extra energy! This work can be done only for about 30 minutes and everything looks back to normal! Now, you can use the nightstand furniture just like before and it seems that you are buying a new one.

Protect the Nightstand with Different Material
Of course, it is important to give extra protection for your beloved nightstand furniture. Besides applying the trick above, you can also support your nightstand with different type of material. You can find the easiest one to find. For example, you can use hot plate, mats, or glass. Just make sure that you have the right size so it covers the furniture perfectly. In the end, you don’t need to worry about scratches because the nightstand furniture is protected by the hard material. Of course, you have to keep the appearance of the nightstand furniture you can just do it with the cheap way above. Definitely, it makes you glad because those materials are easy to find. You can buy it offline in the local stores or buy it online from reputable stores. The price of those materials is also affordable and it is the way to protect your precious furniture from unwanted problems including scratches. Just imagine if the nightstand furniture is a special gift from your parent, grandparent, or it has historical story. You are not only trying to keep the physical appearance of the furniture but also the past story and memory related to the furniture.
In the end, you can choose one of the tricks above or you can use both of them to protect your beloved nightstand furniture. Hopefully it helps you to fix the nightstand furniture fast, simple, and affordable. So, anytime you see scratches around the nightstand furniture, don’t think about to throw it away and buy the new one. Just think about how to clean it and protect it and even turn it looks like a new one. Now, you know how to do it, right?

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