Some Recommended Essential Apps for Android Phone

Nowadays, there are so many people who have android phone, but don’t know about essential apps for Android phone. Talking about Android phone, Android phone is so popular in the world because easy to operate. Not only that, it is also completed by various useful apps. But, sometime people so confuse to choose best apps for their Android phone. If you experience this condition, you can read the information below to know about essential apps for your Android phone.

What is Essential Application?
We have known that Android has developed today. So, there are so many apps we can find on Play Store. Sometime, it makes us very confuse to choose best apps for our Android phone. Knowing about some essential apps will make us easy to find best apps for our Android phone. As we know that not every application is useful for Android. When we know some best or essential apps for Android phone, we can install it immediately to use it maximally.

What are Essential Apps for Android Phone?
As explained before, there are so many apps for Android that may become your recommendation. But for you who are so confuse to choose best apps for your Android phone, here are some essential apps that may become your recommendation:

  • AVG Antivirus

We always use our Android phone for browsing, gaming, and other thing. But, we may forget about security. If you want to secure your Android phone, you are better to install AVG Antivirus to avoid virus in your Android Phone.

  • XDA

It is useful application for you who are developer or Android lovers. When you installing this application, you can be in forum where developer and android lovers share about various information about ROMs and also tweaks for Android flatform. Of course it will make you understand well about Android and have a chance to get your desired Android phone.

  • Opera Mini

For you who are so confuse to choose best browser for your Android phone, Opera Mini may become your best choice. There are so many people who have used Opera Mini as their Android phone’ browser. Opera Mini offers fast access and simple interface. Even, it has similarity with Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to do multitasking. There is also compression technology that will save your data. So, this browser is an answer for you who want to browse fast without spending much internet data.

  • Battery Defender

For you who want to use your Android phone for long time, you are better to have this application. Battery defender will help you to save your battery, allow you to use your Android phone for long time. Using this application will help you to turn off running application and unnecessary feature that spend a lot of your battery power. So, it will be really useful and able to save your battery power, make your Android phone battery last longer.

  • Go Launcher

For you who like customizing your Android phone, Go launcher is a must-have application for your Android phone. By using this application, you can have your desired Android phone display. You can also change your phone theme, sms theme, widget, and many more. This application allows you to design a good display for your Android phone.

  •  Mobile9

Other recommended app for Android phone is Mobile9. In Mobile9, you can get various tools for your android phone such as wallpaper, ringtone, even application. So, this application is really useful and can be used for various purposes.

Those are some information for you about essential apps for Android phone. You can use the information above to find best application for your Android phone. Finally, hopefully the information about essential apps for Android phone above will be useful for you.

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